Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sex Video: Police Appear to Play Politics

Terima kasih ya wakparjosudorno kerana menayangkan video porno part 2 ke youtube. Terima kasih banyak! terima kasih banyak-banyak. Selama ni ada sebahagian rakyat Malaysia yang was-was tentang pelakun porno itu. Sekarang memang saheh betul bahawa pelakunnya bukan Anwar. Memang sah bukan Anwar. Pelakun itu berut buncit, tetek labuh punggung tonggek, lebih gemuk sikit. Ahhhh legaaaaa ! Boleh tidur lena. Tunggu apa polis nak bohong pulak la.

From Malaysiakini

‘The home minister and the police must tell the public the nature of the offence if it was indeed Anwar who was in the sex video.’

Changeagent: Thank you, ‘wakparjosudorno’, whoever you are. Now I have absolutely no doubt at all that the person in the video is just an imitator, and not really Anwar Ibrahim. His body weight and proportions are so different from Anwar’s. More tellingly, his face is also quite different from Anwar’s.

Anonymous_3f94: Now that it is clear that it is not Anwar, and Umno’s little distraction has failed, we need to get back to the case of the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu to determine the real murderers, those who were party to it, and the motive. They cannot be allowed to stay out of jail, let alone rule this country.

Black Mamba: Is it anyone concern if he decides to have a fling behind his family’s back? The MCA chief does it. They were both unfortunately filmed on. The rakyat had a field time watching.

Both not qualify to lead? There are many politicians who were not trapped on video still leading the country and their community. Let those who have not cheated on their spouse cast the first stone.

Anonymous _dhf3b: Whether it’s him or not, there are more things for anyone’s wife to recognise. The inner shirt and the type of underwear is from the era consistent with people who aged 63, so that can be identified.

For sure, there will be claims that it was not Anwar. If it is not, than put this to bed, and all should learn that accusing someone of murder and getting others to write about it is also gutter politics. You start it, and this what you can expect.

Malaysian1st&Last: To all moderate Muslim Malaysians and bumiputeras, it should now be very clear how your current elected BN MPs are wasting your taxes and national resources to come out with this poorly fabricated video.

We don’t need politicians who are obsessed with their own political agenda instead of focussing on how they intend to tackle the issues of the day such corruption, injustice, compromised judiciary, death under the RMP (Royal Malaysian Police) and MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), an incompetent attorney-general, clean and fair election and a failing economy.

Anonymous_5fb: Apa sudah jadi dengan Melayu sampai sanggup menfitnah orang Melayu yang lain sampai tahap demikian? Kononnya kamu semua ini orang Islam.

Dengan kelakuan menfitnah ini, kaum Melayu telahpun dianggap orang lain sebagai bangsa yang tidak bermaruah dan bermoral tinggi. Agaknya semua ini kerana Melayu ini sudah lama dimanjakan oleh kerajaan yang diterajui Umno. Semua ini tidak adil atas orang Melayu lain yang tidak sehaluan dengan Melayu Umno. Sungguh keji dan malu.

Nama Apa: When one has been destined to perish, he would be compelled to do the most unimagined acts ever witnessed by human eyes. These dastardly acts are themselves catalysts to hasten their ultimate destruction. Throughout times man has witnessed such destruction but they serve no lesson learnt on himself.

Abil: Umno must be desperate enough to go to this length to disparage one man using the police, the AG’s office and the judiciary. The video should be posted in full for the public to decide whether it is Anwar or not as this appears to be fight for perception and nothing else.

The police are aware that a crime has taken place but the Datuk Ts still walk free.

Cannon: The gutter politics is nauseating. Where is the law? Are the authorities going to undertake some more investigation as a substitute for acting against law-breaking? Our institutions – PDRM, MACC, AG, judiciary – have all been shot to hell under this regime.

Justice, law and order have been subverted and suffer from paralysis whenever Umno is involved. Umno shames not just the Malays, but it shames us all as Malaysians for our nation to be ruled by such a sleazy and sinister party. Nothing short of a big political tsunami can cleanse our nation of the perversions and lawlessness of Umno.

Eskay gives cops DNA sample

Singa Pura Pura: Nowhere in the world would the police require a self-confessed porn-pedlar – being investigated for possessing and screening pornography in public – for a DNA specimen.

Perhaps this is to propose that the watch contains three samples of DNA. One belonging to a certain ‘Male S’, one to a certain ‘Male Y’ (whose identity the police will only reveal when it becomes necessary to do so), and one to a certain ‘Female X’. Is that it?

Abil: Police, do your job – charge those behind the screening for the crime committed. Who the actor is not an issue here. It could be a professional actor or an amateur. The actor or actress are not complaining, hence, stick to the original charge.

Dhammika: The RMP must discharge their duties independently. The universal law of impermanence says that conditions come and go. Power too come and go.

If RMP doesn’t play their role professionally, it is just a matter of time when Anwar becomes PM that it will have to undergo purging, overcome its inertia, regenerate and rejuvenate.

Bluemountains: The home minister and the police must tell the public the nature of the offence if it was indeed Anwar who was in the sex video. It looks like they are playing politic

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